Turns Positive Every Time!

It Worked Just Like It Said It Would

It worked just like it said it would. I only took 1 test so far. The tests were sealed inside the package. The outer box look unopened, no damage or visible marks of tampering. I don’t know what other people are doing wrong but I didn’t pee directly on the stick (never due with prego tests anyway) I dipped it in urine for 5-10 sec, sat it on the counter and a few minutes later Boom "Positive" results.

Works perfectly, looks legit.

Works perfectly, either with urine or water. Used this on my sister to scare her for a minute before I told her that it was fake. She was being reckless with birth control and this helped me to teach her the importance of safe sex. I know most people use this as some relationship prank, and I'm not judging. If that's what you are doing, then yes, this works with pee and looks very real. The box, the instructions, and the test are all completely free from any giveaways.


Looks legit ! Comes in nothing but the actual packaging shown in the picture. No indicator of prank at all. just two individually packaged tests in a pink box. Two pink Lines show up in seconds. I used warm water so no bodily fluids are actually needed. My boyfriend got a kick out of it. Seriously Funny :)!